The two sides of Peniche

Entering Peniche from the IP6 motorway you will see a major roundabout. The exit you take here determines which part of Peniche you end up in. You would think: this is common sense, but those two exits are very different!

If you go straight on, you will be driving towards the coast, which of course sounds attractive. But don’t expect a nice boulevard, beautiful beaches and attractive restaurants here. Of course, you can see and hear the sea, but apart from that you see a lot of offices and houses.

However, if you turn left at the aforementioned roundabout, you will enter the centre of Peniche after a few kilometres. And there it happens! Here you will find a beautiful rocky coastline, many restaurants, the ferries to the Berlenga Islands and an old fortress with impressive walls and towers.

So if you want our advise: take the roundabout left, pick a nice parking spot and enjoy this lovely coastal town.

One more thing … if by accident you go straight on at the roundabout, no problem. Eventually you will find yourself in the centre of Peniche after a diversion!

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