Wintertime in Portugal

It’s February! Our first February in Portugal and I must say: I like it very much. Just as January was very nice. Okay, it can be turbulent with a lot of wind and rain, but during the day it is never colder than about 13 degrees. And when the sun shines: wow! That immediately saves about 5 degrees.

Having a lovely lunch outside in your sweater is possible in Portugal in winter. But only after you have scratched the ice from the windows of your car in the morning, if you have to leave early at least (which does not happen often …)

In the meantime, we are of course very busy. We do all kind of small jobs, fish the lid from the well, chop wood (with painful consequences), bake cakes and biscuits, drink juice from oranges from our own tree, enjoy shopping, walk the dogs, go to netball every week (Jeannette) and take Portuguese lessons. So we’re busy, at least … in our own way.

Who is also busy is our architect. We are now in the fourth revision of his original plan and it seems that it is okay. It will be beautiful! Our quinta is being converted into a private house for ourselves and three holiday apartments to rent out. With swimming pool!

More about this subject? See these clips (sorry, in Dutch):