Silver Coast: beautiful climate

A lot of sun all year round, never colder than 12 degrees and rarely warmer than 30 degrees. If you now think: ‘that sounds like the ideal climate’, then you should definitely visit the Silver Coast in Portugal!

Just an hour north of Lisbon, on the coast and with beautiful scenery. When we chose the Silver Coast in Portugal as our search area for a new house in 2018, we actually had no idea about the climate there. Of course, we knew that it is warmer in Portugal than in the Netherlands with more hours of sunshine. In the Algarve it can be very hot in summer, but snow also falls in the mountains in winter.

But we did not expect that the climate in the Silver Coast would be so mild. Due to the influence of the sea, it is hardly ever hot in summer, with averages of 25 degrees. And in winter it hardly ever gets colder than 12 degrees during the day. In clear weather it is cool at night: every now and then we have to scratch the car windows in the morning. And that clear weather is also very pleasant in winter: when the sun is shining, it is quickly wonderful to sit outside. Not such a scant sun as in the Netherlands, but really a heat source. It is therefore common that in winter it is better and warmer outside than in the house.

In short: we couldn’t have done better in terms of climate in the Silver Coast! So if you are considering a holiday to Portugal: think about the early or late season or even winter. It can be really nice!