Part 1 of the building permit

Building permits in Portugal: it is always a difficult point. Endless visits to the authorities, architects who do not keep their promises, parts of the plot that turn out to be illegal, etc. etc. In short: a source of much frustration. It can be. But with us it is actually quite smooth.

The architect made a plan with all necessary papers. We went to the municipality together to submit the application for the permit. There we were said that everything was okay. So far so good.

And now the time has come: we have received part 1 of the permit! Part 1 consists of the approval of the architectural part of the application. So what will the buildings look like, where will the windows and doors be, etc. Our architect had taken the existing situation into account as much as possible, so it was not illogical that the municipality would agree.

But now part 2: the technical part of the application. How do the pipes run, is the renovation correct when it comes to the construction requirements, what about the insulation: things like that. According to the architect, this can be arranged within a few weeks. We will see!